Hannes Hummel


                  Hannes Hummel is a German-based 3D Artist and Designer whose work focuses on the intersection between new technologies and traditional design crafts. His pieces often reference historical art movements, reimagined through the digital medium.

Hummels' recent digital artworks focus on the complexity of organic structures- symmetry, tessellations, and patterns within patterns; thereby reinterpreting nature through a digital lens.


Twitter: @hanneshummel
Instagram: @hanneshummeldesign
LinkedIn: @hanneshummel


Adobe Suite • Maxon Cinema 4D with Octane & Redshift renderer • Ableton Live • Marvelous Designer • Unity3D

Exhibitions (selected)
SuperRare Gallery, New York City
Beijing Contemporary, Beijing
Contemporary Calgary, Calgary
TED Talks Vancuver, Vancuver
NFT Liverpool, Liverpool 
Neon Shibuya Tv Showcase, Tokyo
Superchief Gallery, New York City
Art Basel, Miami
A MAZE. Festival, Berlin
Print Screen Festival, Israel
FMX Conference, Stuttgart
GFC, Paris

Design Made In Germany — Award Nominee
A MAZE. Berlin 2015 — Award Nominee
New Media Awards Aachen — Winner (2nd Price)
Games for Change Europe 2014 — Finalist / Winner
Ludicious Game Festival 2014 — Award Nominee
Autodesk University — Award Nominee

Worked together with
Sony Japan, Arbor Skateboards, Quanta Magazine, IvH, Vice Magazine,
Nike, Addidas, Wired Magazine, Vetro Editions and more.

Lectures & Research Projects
Guest Lecturer for VR — IMD Braunschweig
Lecturer for VR & Motion Design — Cologne international School of Design